Saturday, January 23, 2010

Free Webcam Chat Web Cams, Movies, Videos Msn Cams Msn Chat Rooms: The world will end in 2012

Free Webcam Chat Web Cams, Movies, Videos Msn Cams Msn Chat Rooms

If you are having trouble loading the cam chat, please install the latest Flash Player.
If you are on a low bandwidth connection, do not view more than one webcam at once.
Your web cam will not be visible for other users until you click the "publish" button.
The symbols in front of a username indicate gender and webcam status. A crossed out cam means that the webcam is offline. No cam on the gender symbol means that the user does not have a webcam or did not allow access to it. If the gender symbol is half transparent, that chatter is afk.
When you "block" a user he will automatically be removed from your cam and cannot ask for permission again or send you private messages.
Select a username from the list and click on the "General Chat" button to view the private chat window and to message that user.
The five icon buttons next to the sponsor logo are for sending audio and disabling the display of uploaded pictures, chat sounds, private messages, and system messages

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